U-First Health and Wellness

Travelcare program

"Medical Care for the Global Traveler"

Travel confidently with our comprehensive Traveler’s Health package. Tailored medical services to ensure optimal health during your global adventures. This is also a great option for those looking to have a comprehensive health check-up while visiting the United States

a. Initial Check-Up: Dive into a thorough wellness check-up for a travel-ready assessment.

b. Lab Testing: Essential health metrics including CBC, lipid profile, and more to keep you informed and safe.

c. ECG: Expert Electrocardiogram evaluations to monitor your heart’s rhythm on-the-go.

d. Telehealth Follow-Up: Stay connected across time zones with our telehealth consultations. Discuss results and get personalized care plans from anywhere.

e. Women’s Wellness: An essential health abroad add-on for female travelers, focusing on comprehensive cervical health.

f. Specialized Referrals: Seamlessly connect with medical experts for a range of needs, from dental checks to digestive health.

Why “Your Health on the Go”? Secure your health while embracing global adventures with our Travel Health Package.