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At U-First health and Wellness, we believe that healthcare is deeply personal, and that extends to the very team members who offer their expertise, dedication, and compassion to you every day. We’re more than just professionals on a roster; we’re a family united by a singular mission: to prioritize your well-being. Here, we’re proud to introduce the exceptional individuals who make a difference, one patient at a time. Get to know the faces and stories of the people committed to your health journey.


Meet the Compassionate Heart Behind U-First: Dr. Annick Hebou (Fondly Known as Dr. H)”

With an illustrious journey spanning over 15 years in Primary Medical Care, Dr. H is more than just a doctor; she’s a trusted health advocate. Board-Certified in both Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease, her expertise is further amplified by her affiliations with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and elite Aesthetic Medicine circles.

Her leadership skills aren’t just confined to the medical world. In fact, she’s a proud holder of an Executive Leadership certificate from the prestigious Cornell University. And, her exemplary guidance during the trying times of the COVID pandemic didn’t go unnoticed – the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) honored her in 2021 for her unwavering leadership.

“At the heart of Dr. H’s medical expertise is a profound faith that inspires and guides her. More than just treating ailments, she believes in nurturing souls, helping patients journey towards lives brimming with purpose and joy.

After dedicating over 16 years to Charles County, she’s not just its doctor, but also its enthusiast. Away from the clinic, Dr. Hebou’s life is a whirlwind of joy: from treasured family times, to the simple pleasure of a good coffee, spontaneous dance sessions, refreshing swims, and globetrotting adventures that quench her thirst for global cultures. Dr. H’s story is one of passion, both in the clinic and amidst the vibrant tapestry of life.


Ana Vasquez isn’t just a seasoned professional in healthcare, she’s a passionate force. Having journeyed from roles as a medical assistant to mastering office management, her passion lies in empowering patients to chase and achieve their health aspirations. Recognized for her leadership in regional patient advocacy projects, she’s also adept at utilizing the latest in remote patient monitoring to make chronic disease management, like hypertension and diabetes, a seamless process.

Thrilled to be a cornerstone of the U-First Health and Wellness team, Ana shares, “This clinic is more than just a workplace; it’s a beacon of excellence. Every day, I’m inspired by the unmatched quality of care we provide and the incredible specialists I’m privileged to work alongside.” We’re equally grateful to have her with us!


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