U-First Health and Wellness

Primary care Services

Experience the convenience of in-person and virtual primary care services

a. Preventative Care

  • Proactive health monitoring and annual check-ups to prevent diseases before they start. Stay ahead with immunizations, screenings, and personalized health advice.

b. Chronic Disease Management

  • Optimized care for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and more. Comprehensive management plans tailored to your lifestyle.

c. Acute Illness Treatment

  • Prompt and effective care for sudden illnesses like infections, flu, colds, and other short-term ailments. Experience quick turnaround times and thorough treatment.

d. Women’s Health

  • Holistic women’s healthcare from Pap smears, birth control counseling, to menopause management. Expertise in female health at every stage of life.

e. Men’s Health

  • Focused services addressing unique men’s health issues, from prostate screenings to testosterone evaluations and more.

g. Mental Health

  • Support for emotional well-being. Services encompass depression, anxiety management, and referral services as needed .

h. Health Education & Counseling

  • Empower your health choices with educational resources and personalized advice. Get clarity on medications, diet, exercise, and more.

i. Laboratory & Diagnostic Services

  • From blood tests, X-rays, to advanced screenings and other diagnostic tests, all within minutes of distance

j. Medication Management

  • Personalized assessment and management of your medications to ensure safety, efficacy, and optimal results.

k. STI Testing & Treatment

  • Confidential testing and comprehensive treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Our priority is to offer safe, accurate, and discreet care. Whether it’s for regular screening or addressing specific concerns, trust in our heightened confidentiality measures ensuring your utmost privacy. 

I. Other Physicals: Comprehensive Physical Examinations Tailored to Your Needs

From routine annual check-ups to specific evaluations for sports and employment, our clinic provides detailed, thorough, and timely physical examinations for all purposes.

  • a. Isolated Annual Physicals

    Stay proactive about your health with our annual physicals. A comprehensive review of your health status, ensuring you’re informed and ahead of any potential issues. 

  • b. Sports Physicals

    Whether you’re gearing up for the new season or just staying fit, our sports physicals assess your readiness, ensuring safe participation and peak performance.

  • c. Employment Physicals

    Secure your job role with confidence. Our employment physicals meet industry-specific requirements, evaluating your health and fitness for occupational roles.

  • d. Customized Evaluations

     Every individual and purpose is unique. We tailor our physical examinations to cater to your specific needs, ensuring precision and relevance. We offer executive physicals, immigration exams, DOT exams, Travelers exams, and much more .